Collection: Gaye Su Akyol-Flying Kilims, 2021 - Limited Edition Signed Edition

The Keep's exciting collaboration with Gaye Su Akyol, Flying Kilims, consists of three designs:Leyla, Meeting the Sun Goddess and Country Air. The artist's long-standing relationship with painting now meets the textiles that he has always loved and been curious about. Each product is limited to 50 editions.

The artist describes this collaboration as follows:

“I have had an extraordinary interest and love for Anatolian rugs since my childhood. As a child, I used to look at the rugs and carpets in my grandmother's house and my father's workshop and dream. I used to make up camel caravans, galloping horses, space wars, 8-bit games, intrigues, and lots of other stories that I don't remember. For an exhibition we planned last year, I dreamed of hand-woven carpets with patterns I drew, but the exhibition was postponed due to the epidemic. Meanwhile, our paths crossed with Senem and Bilge, and being a part of this brand and partnership, which was brought to life entirely by the power of women, gave me strength and inspiration.”

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