Privacy policy

Processing and Protection of Personal Data

All forms and text contents you fill out on a website are recorded by that site operator. It must be stated for what purpose these records were taken, stored and used. below The processing and usage processes of the data collected on it are explained. processes the personal data obtained according to the following rules. From the implementation of these rules,, Tamirhane Mimarlık İnş. Singing. Ltd. Şti. directly responsible.

Personal Data Processing Principles

By Personal data are obtained, processed and securely stored for a lawful and legitimate purpose with due care. When the purpose of processing personal data disappears or when the purpose is completed, the personal data is anonymized or deleted / destroyed by an appropriate method in accordance with this Policy. This situation is transmitted to the personal data owner as information.

Privacy Personal data processing processes are carried out in accordance with confidentiality principles. In this context, It prevents any unauthorized access to personal data to the extent possible, and implements all technical and administrative measures within its scope. It periodically carries out the related audits.

Legality While providing product sales, after-sales services, product promotion and other services within the limits stipulated by the laws, it obtains and processes personal data in accordance with the rules of honesty and law. informs the relevant persons about the purposes of using personal data and, when necessary, obtains the consent of the relevant persons within the scope of the law.

Current and Accurate Personal data is kept complete and accurate and updated when necessary. It makes the necessary arrangements to determine whether the personal data are correct or that inadequate data are corrected, changed, updated or deleted.

Clarity and Transparency

The principle of processing data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes; ' It ensures that the data processing purpose is clearly and precisely determined and that this purpose is legitimate. It does not process data for other purposes, except for the purposes of data collection and processing made transparent to the relevant person.

The purpose is to be legitimate ' data processed by flour; means being connected and necessary with the work performed or the service provided.

Care, Moderation and Consistency

By The processed personal data are processed only in a way that is consistent with the purpose specified when the data is received and in this context, with a limitation required by the business. Personal data will not be collected for uncertain data processing purposes that may be in question in the future, and such data will not be used, processed or transferred in any way that is not suitable for the purpose of obtaining the personal data.

Pursuant to the minimum data principle, personal data are kept limited and measured for the purpose of acquisition, and data not required for this purpose are not stored.

Limited Time

This data, by; The periods for the processed data are determined and kept. In the event that the main purpose requiring the processing of personal data is no longer required and such data is no longer needed, the personal data in question will be deleted.

In case the time periods for data retention are stipulated by laws, these data are kept in accordance with the periods stipulated in the relevant legislation; After the expiration of the period stipulated in the legislation, these data, It is deleted / destroyed or anonymized from the systems / devices where data is stored or from the environments where it is physically located.

Selection and Confirmation informs the data owner fully and properly regarding the processing of personal data. When necessary, it obtains the consent of the data owner for the said transaction, and offers the data owner the option to withdraw or make a request for his data when he / she requests the consent given to it.

Regarding this Personal Data Application Procedure has been created within the framework of this framework and transactions are carried out in accordance with the principles in this framework.

Legal Processing of Personal Data

thekeep.shop5.2 of the law in order to process personal data and special quality data in accordance with the law. If one of the other reasons of compliance with the law listed in Article is not available; searches for the explicit consent of the person concerned,

thekeep.shopcarries out the said processing activities in full compliance with the principles stated in the heading above.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

thekeep.shopIn accordance with the principle of transparency and openness, the personal data collected by the company and special quality personal data are processed within the following two main purposes;

a) Legal processing grounds for the purpose of fulfilling administrative / legal / financial obligations

  • Issuing invoices for the sale of products or services
  • Membership agreements concluded within the framework of the loyalty program
  • Keeping records in accordance with tax laws
  • Keeping digital traces and records of the consent and permissions received from the customer in the digital environment as proof of evidence
  • Other legitimate interests to be considered legally required
  • Business liability arising from the law

b) Fulfilling our business activities

  • Product Sales
  • After-Sales Services and Marketing Activities

c) Improving our service standards and providing customized services for each user

  • Improving services: Ensuring customer satisfaction by evaluating requests and complaints by the relevant departments, conducting / evaluating customer surveys when necessary, and taking customer feedback into consideration.
  • Carrying out marketing activities with the "Best Product" Principle by performing Customer and Service Segmentation: Reporting, auditing and improving the services received by customers through call centers, website or authorized dealers and sales / service points within the framework of quality standards, making necessary analysis, e- Providing promotion and information about products and services via mail, SMS and other communication means, increasing company recognition through messages to be sent with announcements / celebrations and other content, and providing general or personalized advertising, announcements, campaign information for the promotion and marketing of our services